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You may have heard that breastfeeding is the most natural and best thing for your new baby! Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Often times it may not even feel natural! With The Baby Space you will find customized, realistic and expert support geared towards you and your baby.

One-on-one office consults offered at the

Abby Medical Center One Centurian Dr., Suite 104 Newark, DE 19713

Every Saturday!

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“Mona’s goal is to help you overcome the hurdles that may arise and help you have a positive breastfeeding experience.”

Kate B.

I was drowning in a sea of breast milk despair when I met Mona at 12 weeks postpartum. Mona was my life saver! Breastfeeding was a constant struggle, I cried every day. My baby wasn’t latching, I was awkward and uncomfortable. Mona gave me hope and reassured me that I could breastfeed. She taught me how to hold Anna and encouraged me to do as much skin to skin as possible. Mona was able to determine that Anna needed the lip and tongue tie procedure done to help with latching issues. Even though we never got it fixed Mona still supported and encouraged me. I have been exclusively pumping for 8 months and Mona has been a tremendous help with that part of my journey. I could not have made it this far without her!

Dawn N.